Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
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Leadership Development

Provide Leadership Training and Development for company ’s emerging leadership community. Skill development is focused in areas such as: Building Personal Presence, Clarifying Performance Expectations, Goal Setting and Time Management, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Listening and Active Listening, Giving and Receiving Feedback, and Understanding and Implementing Diversity.


Strategy and Planning, Growth and Change, Leadership Development

Helped to redefine the vision, strategic road map and core operating models for a technology business unit that supports PreClinical Development and Vaccines. Work was focused on analyzing the core competencies of the group to develop a new framework for becoming more closely aligned with its internal business partners.


Strategy and Planning, Growth and Change

Provided Change Management Strategy and Planning Services for a three year price management improvement project that affected the global business leadership, sales, finance and pricing support communities of the company.


Business Process Analysis / Redesign, Leadership Development

Provided detailed analysis and improvements for core processes that cost over $1million a month in spend. Provided leadership, as well as change management guidance, facilitation and support for mission critical processes and production leadership team at the Philadelphia paper-making division.



Leadership Development

Provide management and leadership training to local Philadelphia businesses as well as Community College Students which is delivered through the Philadelphia and Delaware County Community Colleges.



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