Advisory Services & Consultancy Support

  • Business Transformation and Change Management

    The need to reinvent and to continuously transform is vital to a business health and sustainability, and yet many organizations regard the activities and responsibilities of Change Management professionals and practitioners as discrete, separate from, and often secondary to, core transformation efforts and initiatives.

    Strong Point Strategy uses its Business and Leadership Development Methodologies and Tools to strengthen, scale and accelerate the transformation efforts of its clients. Strong Point Solution Teams bring, enable, teach and improve Change Management Capability in the operating environment. Leaders and teams participating in any Strong Point assisted Transformation learn, practice and master Business Development and Leadership skills that can be continuously strengthened with predictable and authentic results.

    Strong Point’s Strongbox ™ is a branded business acceleration tool that helps companies, teams and individual professionals, learn, master, streamline and scale a business activity. Growth can be defined and measured by increases in revenue, operational and personal effectiveness, performance or product output as realized through improvements in processes, planning, people or results.

  • Business, Data & Infrastructure Alignment

    Systems and tools, processes and procedures need to align with strategic objectives to realize operational results. This goal is considerably easier to articulate than to accomplish. Quick Strong Point Assessments often yield great disparities between what the company’s leaders have planned, and what’s expected or reasonably feasible to accomplish, given the technology infrastructure underlying the operating model.

    Strong Point Solution Teams have deep and broad experience developing , implementing and supporting function-specific:

    • Data, Information and Infrastructure Models

    • Integrated, Aggregated and Configurable Solutions

    • End-to-End Value and Information Stream Management

    • Business, Organizational and Innovation Models

    • Role-based Competency Models

    • Process improvements that enable better utilization of available resources & skills

    Strong Point teams consist of Technical and Solutions Architects that work hand-in-hand with Business Architects and Analysts to lead and bridge the gap between business acumen, process automation and technology infrastructure. The ability to align strategic objectives to organizational execution is supported by Strong Point professionals who are multidisciplinary, journeymen (and women) and have core capabilities and experience in bridging gaps across technologies and between functions.

  • Program/Project Management

    Strong Point has experience standing up and supporting Project Management Offices, people and methods. Strong Point professionals bring deep Project and Program Management and Business Analysis skills as well as broad and multi-dimensional communication skills to every customer endeavor.

    Strong Point delivers Program and Project Management though larger Business and Leadership Development lenses, perspectives and efforts.

    • Strong Point uses three I’s Method for Business Initiatives (Incremental, Iterative, Individually Focused)

    • Strong Point can deploy unique Methods and Tools used as Stand-Alone, Supportive, or in Collaboration with Client Methods and ways of Working

    • Strong Point Products and Services help to develop and sustain a culture of Personal and Professional Excellence and Innovation

  • Business Process Development, Analysis and Redesign

    Process Innovation is at the core of any Business Transformation endeavor. What’s unique about Strong Point’s approach is scalability. It’s a perspective and the foundation for how Strong Point drives change. Strong Point uses a construct called the Strongbox ™ to update and advance key processes and business models. Strongboxes ™ are co-developed by blended Strong Point Solution and Customer Teams and are comprised of plans, processes and models that are streamlined and ready for scale. Core Processes such as: 1) on-boarding new employees, 2) launching a new brand, 3) opening a new regional office or implementing a new worldwide customer service offering, can be repeated and accelerated with predictable results.

    Strong Point professionals are experts in Process Development, Mapping, Modeling and Automation.

  • Leadership Performance and Development

    Recent studies have shown that companies make five times the investment in Technology, as they do in people and in Leadership Development. IT spending as a percentage of revenue is bench-marked at an average of 5.2% of revenue. Training Industry reports show Training Investments amount to only 1% of revenue. Leadership Development training is included in that 1%.

    Strong Point uses and deploys its own Leadership Development Methodology in advisory engagements. Leadership development happens consciously through activities such as Team Setting. Team Setting enables a blended Strong Point/ Customer team to define its own actions, transitions, and relations (Interpersonal Skills). Project leaders and team members can practice and enforce team strength. Leadership Capability, Project Success, Individual and Team Performance and the realization of intended business results are significantly improved.

    Strong Point can also design, deliver and support Enterprise Leadership and Performance Development Initiatives.