Case Studies

Business Development Projects

Mental Health Associates of Philadelphia

Strategic Planning

The Challenge:

Seven Functional Division Heads (Food Services, Healthcare, Housing, Work Support etc) of one of the City’s Largest Mental Health Not-for-Profit Organizations asked for help with strengthening the organization’s focus and success. The organization was experiencing a great sense of lack or loss of leadership. The Not-for-Profit was recently endowed with significant financial resources and received community notoriety. The leadership team was worried about misusing funds and losing credibility.

The Actions:

1. Led the team in 3 days of instruction regarding the Definition, Metrics, Formats, Uses and Actions around Strategic Planning.

2. Helped the leaders of the organization learn and understand the strategic planning process.

3. Facilitated and the creation of the Organization’s 1st ever Strategic Plan.

4. Helped the organization institute an Organizational Governance process that ensured a dynamic and ongoing strategic planning process.

The Result:

1. Development and year-long follow-through of the strategic plan helped the organization meet and exceed its yearly goals for the first time in its history.

2. The organization’s ability to achieve the goals of its first strategic plan enabled the Not-for-Profit to double its largest funding/contribution in one year.

3. Leaders of each of the division heads developed their own strategic plans. Metrics and data analysis from the overall strategic planning process enabled the Not-for-Profit to publish data driven results from community efforts and contributions.

4. Published results enabled the organization to grow 30% in funding and services after 1st year of planning results.

Print and Media Group

Business Development / Organizational Growth Strategy & Transformation

The Challenge:

Local Print and Media Production Company wanted to make important operational changes, additions and upgrades in financial planning, record keeping, staff, business operating methods and models and sales & marketing strategies to grow from a $20 million dollar revenue generating company to a $50 million revenue generating company in the span of 1 year.

The Actions:

1. Conducted a detailed analysis and strategic roadmap of all core business functions:

  • Sales and marketing

  • Print and Media Production

  • Finance, Legal and Human Resources

  • Customer Services and Support

2. Developed and Articulated Organizational Analysis and Results.

3. Shared Results and Strategy Recommendations with the Owner/Founder and All Leaders of the Company.

The Result:

1. Company achieved its goal and realized 150% growth in revenues (from $20 mil to $50 mil) while maintaining 35-40% Gross Profit Margin (GPM).

2. The organization relocated to a building for operational headquarters approximately 3X its former size.

3. Owner/Founder restructured the sales organization and the related sales compensation model.

4. New Multimedia Line of business was added to the company’s products and services.