About Strong Point

Is your organization searching for unbiased, outside help to solve your most critical challenges? Does your company need support in accelerating your plans or identifying and working through your weaknesses? Partner with a company that has strategic vision – and can help strengthen your efforts. Partner with experience. Partner with Strong Point Strategy.

At Strong Point Strategy, we take the time to listen to your needs and fully comprehend the scope and depth of your plans. By developing a precise strategic vision, we can help you articulate detailed outcomes that enable you to execute on your vision and produce recognizable and measurable results. We have unique and proven methods and tools to help you move your organization and advance forward progress as quickly as possible.

Our Philosophy & Approach

At the foundation of Strong Point Strategy, we are committed to helping companies and their people grow. Defining effective strategies, executing effective plans, and building and maintaining the operational effectiveness to carry out those strategies and plans is what makes Strong Point Strategy the perfect partner for leaders and companies looking to expand or scale their capabilities, offerings and services. Our experienced management consultants and Project Solution Teams can help you and your teams learn new skills, advance capabilities, strengthen effectiveness through teamwork and collaboration, and improve and perfect core processes. We help build competitive advantage by providing an an increased focus on HOW strategies are executed and WHY organizational goals are important to accomplish.

We believe that individual and organizational excellence can be achieved through The Fundamentals of the Three I’s: Iterative, Interactive, & Individually Focused approaches, plans and tasks to execute strategies and operationalize goals. Strong Point believes in skill building that is iterative. We provide the tools, teach you how to use them, and help you build and advance skills while using those tools and methods consistently over time until business building and leadership building become second-nature.

Once you fully understand the Strong Point methods and tools; new ways of working will become behavioral and culture norms of your operating environment. Competitive advantage will begin to build and strengthen as the core capabilities of your teams and leaders advance and grow. You will unleash the latent and authentic talent of your organization and naturally emerge as a leader in your field. For entire organizations, this improvement process is customized to suit the needs of your teams and leaders, so skill building and operational effectiveness are tailor-made for your organization and unmatched in your market . You build your organization in your way, with your people and their unique strengths. Teams and leaders become acutely aware of weaknesses and they are fully addressed and resolved through new and enriching habits of collaboration and innovation. We partner with clients to build plans, strategies, and tactics that use blended standards and integrated best practices that promote and enable an authentic and intentional culture that fosters continued individual and organizational mastery and growth.

The Strong Point Difference

At Strong Point Strategy, we help you capture, strengthen, support, and share the unique intelligence that defines your organization and the leaders within. By helping you define what is “mission critical” to your success, we can create a custom-built Executive StrongBox™ to prepare and position you for sustainable growth.

Our objective is to build business and leadership development solutions that are specific to your needs. We perform our advisory work in a way that is meaningful and constructive for your leaders, professionals and teams. Our business analysis results are articulated in your industry’s language, and our process improvement efforts reflect the style and approach of your operating environment. Our plans can also be modified to your preferences, priorities, or performance styles. Most importantly, our innovation and transformation efforts are developed in collaboration with you, your leaders, professionals and teams. We help you build and strengthen their unique and authentic skills. They, in-turn, build and sustain your organization’s growth.

If you have any questions about our organization or if you would like to discuss your needs with us, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-229-2344 today.