Business Development

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things,
because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
~Walt Disney

Properly executing corporate growth strategies requires considerable preparation, training, and experience. Executives and business teams alike must intimately know the market in which they operate. Shifting market dynamics, emerging competitors, and recent technology advances will often impact your business model. Sometimes an outside business development consultant can provide you with the right level of awareness to continue innovating and transforming your business to achieve and sustain growth.

Strong Point starts the business development process by conducting an assessment of your organization. This comprehensive analysis studies your business process layer (how work flows through your organization), your organizational layer (how people are aligned), and your infrastructure layer (your human, capital, and equipment resources). We can help you unravel the layers of complexity that keep you from achieving predictable results, higher levels of operational effectiveness and customer service, and even increased productivity in daily operations.

Business Process Layer

How Work Flows Through the Organization

Organizational Layer

How People are Aligned

Infrastructure Layer

Human, Capital, and Equipment Resources

What to Expect After an Assessment

The benefits of studying your organizational process are both tangible and intangible. You can more easily identify opportunities for improving your existing processes or making advances toward making core processes more effective. With an accurate business assessment from Strong Point Strategy, your organization can realize benefits such as:

  • Cost savings associated with eliminating steps, employee “touches,” documents, and technology tools necessary to complete core processes

  • Improved and/or increased quality of deliverables produced by the process

  • Better and more informative employee and customer interactions

  • Reduced cycle and wait times to complete a core process

  • Business innovation born out of the efforts of carefully studying and significantly improving a process

How to Achieve Change in Your Business

Change, whether driven by a need to improve or a desire to innovate, or some combination therein, requires the systematic implementation of a plan, a process, and a desired result. Strong Point Strategy can help you develop a strategic change plan, identify and select leaders and ambassadors for change, and define higher levels of detailed, tactical goals for the changes sought. Our experienced business development consultants and advisors can also help you realize critical factors for success, help you mitigate potential risks, and help you establish communication channels for supporting and transforming every step of your innovation.

To stay competitive in any industry, the modern business model is one that embraces change and adaptability. More specifically, change and innovation and transformation initiatives can produce:

  • A stronger understanding of core business activities

  • A stronger appreciation for the unique talents and collective strength(s) of your organization

  • Greater levels of employee and customer awareness, authenticity and intimacy

  • A self-sustaining capacity and ability to advance skills and abilities of individual, leaders and teams

  • An internal business knowledge that identifies high-performing people, teams and business units

  • A discipline and process for self study that leads to competitive and market advantage

  • A built-in strategy and process which regularly identifies areas and functions that call for improvement

  • Business development and leadership capability that is unmatched in your industry and market

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