Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
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Strategic Vision

When you are looking for outside help to solve critical challenges, or accelerate plans and improvements or even identify weaknesses and minimize shortfalls in individual or operational effectiveness you want a parnter who has strategic vision.

You need help from a partner who can listen to you and see the future you want to realize. A partner with strategic vision can take your picture of future success and help you articulate that vision to your organization and your sphere of influence that includes your business partners, vendors and future customers. You want a partner who can take your vision and carve it into results that can be realized through tactical methods and actionable steps that will move your organization toward forward progress immediately.


Operational Excellence

Next you want a partner who knows what they're doing. This implies that they've done it before. Done what? Done anything from improve market share, to increase profitability to implement enterprise technology solutions that enhance operational effectiveness in a key area. You want a strategic partner with operational experience equivalent to that of a corporate warrior. This means that the company you enlist to help you achieve your goals has worked really hard and really long at solving the kind of problems you are facing and has ultimately stretched and expanded the capabilities of its customer organizations. This means that the depth of knowledge and expertise you are hiring comes from a million tries at working through similar issues and challenges. With a million tries comes the recognition of all the warning signs of failure, the best practices of success and the process fluctuations, the many steps back and forth between start and finish that are familiar enough to them to earn them the privilege to be your guide and coach.


Disciplined Approach

You need to know that when you are charting new courses, or trying to improve age old systems, that the person who is helping you has a disciplined approach to achieving results that includes self-maintaining systems and processes that work for the people running them. Systems and processes, be they spreadsheets, technology tools or standard procedures, are the backbone of predictable delivery. Choose to work with someone who brings methods, tools, templates and best practices and applies them with a discipline that demands and drives excellence.

Passion for People 

You'll pause or push forward with your plans based on how well you work with people. It is your people that will make or break your progress. If you are bringing outside expertise in to facilitate your efforts, you want to work with people who love people. People who love people experience the joys, frustrations, challenges and rewards of work in a way that enriches the soul. Strengths, weaknesses, abilities and blind spots of individuals and of working teams are all recognized, embraced, included and strengthened by people who have a passion to support our collective humanity and goals. Strong Point Strategy puts people first.


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