Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
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Steps to Take

Whether you have or haven’t started or completed the Strategic Planning Process, review Strong Point Strategy’s recommendations for taking actions to reach your goals. Find below a sample of the first ten steps toward actualizing growth.

First 10 Steps To Growth


    1. Set  Up a Strategy/Visioning Work-Shop
    2. Capture Thoughts and Plans from the Strategic Planning Session(s)
    3. Identify Leaders & Stakeholders for Strategic Planning Follow-Through
    4. Flesh out the Strategic Plan into smaller, collaborative Business Plans
    5. Conduct Component Business Plan Working Sessions with Working Teams
    6. Publish and Review Business Plans against Strategic Plan
    7. Revise and Modify the Strategic Plan as Needed
    8. Publish the Strategic Plan and component Business Plans on a shared server as “living documents” open to continuous refinement
    9. Create a detailed Communication Plan that outlines high-level goals and business specific actions that have been accomplished to meet those goals
    10. Conduct an Employee “Town Hall” to enable input from your organization.

Keep in mind that the Strategic Planning Process can be applied to any and all sub-processes such as Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. These steps can also be applied to executing actual goals such as: 1) Launching a New Product, 2) Opening a New Branch Office or 3) Implementing a New Technology Tool to improve operational effectiveness.

Strong Point Strategy is a master in the process of growth. Let us provide you the guidance, the tools and the training to become better builders. We can do everything from schedule and facilitate your strategic visioning session to distribute our strongest Strategic Plan to your senior team and saff and line professionals. We host regular training-working sessions that help you and your people master the strategic planning process while creating a living document which can be immedately implemented. See samples of our Strategic Planning Tools below.


PDF Downloads

Strong Point Strategy Strategic Plan Template (PDF)

Strong Point Strategy Communication Plan Template (PDF)








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