Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
Process Analysis & Redesign

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Process Analysis & Redesign: Why Do It?


Executing corporate growth requires a great deal of study. Executives, business leaders and sales professionals alike must intimately know the market in which they operate. Vital information such as shifting market dynamics, emerging competitors and recent technology advances that will impact current business models all require self-initiated study. Self-study produces the awareness to keep your organization innovating and moving forward.

Self study is often deemed unnecessary. Your organization makes product, sells to customers and delivers service and support daily. What about it? Why turn the looking glass inward? Ask yourself these questions:

Sample Questions to Ask to Determine Your Need for Business Analysis

Do frustrated customers continue to call with the same complaints?

Is there an internal data store tracking and resolving these issues?

Are employees wasting vital company energy trying to resolve internal conflicts?

When was the last time you hosted an employee function?

Can you explain, with absolute clarity, your top five core business processes?

Does one core process produce inconsistent or unpredictable results?

Do you have a documented and staffed on-boarding process for new employees?

Is an employee “pulse” something you keep track of?

Do you conduct regular communication and training sessions for your sales force?

How old are your sales collateral tools?


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