Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
Process Analysis & Redesign

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Process Analysis & Redesign: Steps to Take

Business Analysis and Self Study is not a simple process. It often involves first defining a core process. Depending on the stakeholder, the unique perspective of the professional and the level of engagement required by a key participant in a core process, you may get five completely different definitions of a core process and detailed descriptions of how the process is carried out. Add to that, the complexity of interdependencies of technology systems, supporting organizations and linked resources, you may develop a recipe for confusion, unpredictable results and frustrated consumers.


Uncovering and unraveling the layers of complexity that keep you from realizing predictable results, or higher levels of recognized customer service or day to day competitive success can be a daunting task. The first question is usually:


                             Where do I Start?

And Strong Point's answer would the beginning. Conduct an assessment. Start by asking questions. Categorize and prioritize the answers. Convey and synthesize messages learned from detailed discovery. Strong Point can help you ask the right questions, begin your discovery, and set your plan forward for growth.

Download our standard growth analysis template to see the kinds of questions we ask and the potential problems that could use more analysis. Find samples of some documented processes that we helped customers simplify. We provide you a template for the questions to ask and a guideline for capturing the information to get you started with effective self study and business analysis.


PDF Downloads

Standard Growth Proposal (PDF)

Samples of Documented Processes (PDF)



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