Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
Leadership Development

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What is Leadership?

Leadership is the aggregate strength derived from the use of deep reservoirs of personal awareness, skill and professional best practices. that are uniquely applied to a set of challenges which call out the need for individual authenticity and set new precedents in professional capacity and personal effectiveness to support the common good.

Leadership is in great demand in corporate America.

Leadership, and its meaning, is also a topic and a concept that has both a very personal and very public meaning for many people and companies. Leadership has also become one of the core practice areas of Strong Point Strategy's business consulting and management practice. It is Strong Point's belief that to become a true leader in your organization or your market, you cannot buy or borrow any parts of its components. Leadership, in Strong Point's view, is something you draw out and build from the core strengths of people, teams and organizations.

We believe leadership development follows a path that starts as a personal journey, moves more into public realms of learning public leadership process and practice and then moves back into an authentic and individually powered approach to initiating and completing action using the unique skills, abilities and spirit of individuals and organizations. This crisscross and blend of the personal and public attributes and actions of leaders are what make the magic and pursuit of leadership so important, so appealing and so powerful.

There are Four Phases to Leadership.

They are:

Phase 1: Personal Leadership Identity and Ownership,

Phase II: Public Leadership Information and Knowledge Acquisition,

Phase III: Public Leadership Process Execution and Implementation and

Phase IV: Personal and Authentic Leadership Capacity and Impact

What Focus on Leadership and Try to Build It?

There is always "the Next Step", the "Next Thing"

- for you and your company

There is a fundamental need to "Look Up"

- Become a point person/company, lead by example

Vision combined with discipline leads the way

- here, there and inbetween

- EndPoint, Movement/Acceleration, Tracking/Troubleshooting

Evolution requires action

- you can't just sit there

It has to come from within

- otherwise you are following

You know when it's missing

- Chaos, circling, in-fighting, unexpected results


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