Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
Leadership Development

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Steps to Take

1. Define what Leadership Means

The definition of Leadership is as diverse as the vast variety of personal and professional style. In order to create effective Leadership in your organization, you have to first define what it means in and for your organization. An effective leadership definition is comprised of three component parts:

1) A List of Core Leadership Attributes, 2) a List of Technical and Professional Skills that need to be achieved to receive the distinction of mastery required for Leadership and 3) a List of Required Advanced Interpersonal Skills that equip Leadership Teams with the Interpersonal Skills that allow leaders to motivate, manage and move the organization into a leadership position.

2. Assess Your Capabilities

Once you define what Leadership means for your organization, you then have to go about assessing your capability to build and maintain leadership within your organization. Strong Point Strategy helps companies define and develop their own components of Leadership. Strong Point then helps to create the assessment tools that test, measure and scale the Leadership, Technical & Professional and Advanced Interpersonal effectiveness of the organization as a whole. Leadership assessments and capability profiles can also be created for Business Units, Regions, Business Functions and Cross-Functional Organizations.

3. Create a Leadership Development Plan

Create a Leadership Plan that looks forward only one-year and clearly defines: 1) What Leadership Is, 2) What Skills and Abilities are going to be focused on and Developed and 3) What tangible actions will be measured and monitored to show how the organization and individual professionals within it have grown and changed.


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