Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
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Basic Growth Analysis
Whenever a company endeavors to realize corporate growth and any improvements in business process or end results, the first and most important task is to analyze the business as it exists in its Current State. When charting a course to some future destination, progress and motion can begin only when there is a clear starting point. Call it benchmarking, defining the current state or whatever you like…a detailed accounting of “where you are” at this point in time in business operations is an absolute first requirement for understanding “where you are” and for beginning to move forward to a desired point in the future.



The Strategic Plan

Implementation of a Strategic Plan, pulls a plan apart and diffuses it throughout an organization. Every unit within the organization which is involved with strategic planning must then accept the plan, agree to its direction, and execute specific actions to realized the intended benefits of the plan. In order to effectively and efficiently implement a plan, all individuals involved must function as a whole or the plan is destined for failure.


The Change Management Plan
This Change Plan Document details the strategy, tactics, philosophy & approach as well as actionable results expected to be achieved by the Change Management Team. The Change Management team is chartered to design, implement and measure the operational effectiveness of the combination of people, process and technology changes associated with this project.


Recent Presentations


  The Strong Point Capabilities Overview

This is the standard presentation used to introduce Strong Point Strategy, LLC and its capabilities to a new client organization.


  The Stages of Leadership

Strong Point Strategy, LLC has a thriving Leadership Development Practice. This simple presentation introduces the four stages of leadership as seen through the eyes of a Strong Point perspective. This presentation has been presented and talked-through at many leadership and organizational change events.


  Foundations of Operational Effectiveness

Part of Strong Point's core work requires helping client companies redesign existing organizations. This presentation introduces Strong Point's strategy and approach for beginning and executing such important restructuring.

Case Studies


  Coming soon!


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