Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
Growth and Change

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Why Do It?

There are many reasons to change and grow. Some are rooted in necessity. A noticeable or significant drop in sales calls for innovation and a change in the status quo. The fact that key employees are leaving the company and attracting new talent seems harder than usual calls for a closer look at the internal operating environment and culture. New competitors are satisfying customer needs that seem unexpected or surprising to you. Could you be out of touch with the shifting demands of your market?

“Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still.”

 Chinese Proverb

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

 Walt Disney

At the very least, you must be ever changing, growing and learning to be effective, to stay profitable and to remain competitive. Business operates at the speed of thought. Action and change have to keep pace.  Keeping pace with the competition requires one rhythm. Stepping ahead requires another pace altogether.

Leading comes from stepping to a pace that is your own. The ability to keep moving forward and to continue doing new things, as Walt Disney believed, requires an internal desire to explore, expand and grow. This discipline and culture for innovation and discovery is something that must be fostered and supported from within. This kind of leadership allows and enables a culture of testing, risking and reaching beyond what is “standard”. Growth becomes an outreach of ingenuity and innovation in this environment.

Both kinds of change require a plan, methods and tools for growth. Strong Point Strategy provides the support you need to get started and to continue down the path of growth.

Necessity Questions
  Indicators of the NEED to Change
Have sales have been flat or declining for more than 3 quarters?
Is employee attrition high?
Have profit margins slowly been eroding over time?
Sales are steady... but are you growing new markets?
Are your technology systems and/or capital investments aging?
Do you see new competitors are entering the market with rapid advancement?
Are your key competitors incrementally increasing market share ?
Has it been a couple of years since you introduced a new product or service ?
Is the number of your customer complaints on the rise?


Desire Questions
  Indicators of the DESIRE to Change
Are your employees regularly offering new solutions to challenges?
Do you keep a record of your customer compliments and thank-you letters?
Do you sponsor independent and group learning and sharing as part of the regular work-day and regular operating budget?
How many times are departments and functional teams expected to teach each other core practices and interact with regard to current challenges and offer opportunities for job-sharing?
What regular awards are given to employees? How are they presented? Where are they showcased?
When is the last time you conducted an open-house for a key customer?
How do you integrate, honor and celebrate cultural differences in your organization?


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