Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
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The Strong Point Value Difference

Strong Point Strategy is a full service consulting company that focuses specifically on helping companies grow. We do that with deep emphasis on straight-up business planning and analysis. These are the fundamental activities necessary for any kind of growth. A lot of companies undertake these activities as part of their daily ritual and discipline. A lot of consulting companies provide these services also. So what is different about Strong Point?

The Strong Point Strategy
for growth can be distilled into

These Six-Simple-Steps include a tried, tested, proven and soon-to-be trademarked approach to executing growth that defines and differentiates Strong Point from any other strategy firm. Here are some things that are different about us:

We Package our “Punch” into a Personalized Toolbox
Individuals and companies use their own selves as the tools for growth. It is your mind, your thoughts, your actions, and your heart that propels you forward or takes you off course. It is difficult to share ideas and plans without documents. So, in addition to the creative thinking, intuitive feelings and sheer personal energy you bring to your work, the tools of your trade include a wide variety of documents that articulate and validate the cumulative effect of your education, training and experience on your ability to perform and grow. It is in these documents such as: Strategic Plans, Business Plans, Public Speeches, Negotiations, Contracts and Technical Specifications and Manuals that your individual and collective intelligence lies for others to share. At Strong Point, we help you capture, strengthen, support and share the unique intelligence that defines your organization and the leaders within. We do this by helping you define what is “mission critical” to your success, adding our own recommendations for the tools to include for sustaining growth. With your help and guidance, we create a custom-built Executive Excellence Toolbox™ complete with a career-carrying collection of the predefined set of tools that is distributed to your leadership team as well as rank professionals and to be used for the purpose of building sustainable growth.


We Provide a “Growth Guide” Approach
Strong Point thinking supports the idea that you are the expert and the leader of your own domain. This domain is the industry, market, product, service, employee and customer communities in which you operate. If you want to work more effectively and improve your results, you can ask us to be your growth guide. We will impart our experiences, our similar conclusions, our best practices and as many tools of the trade that you need to add to your toolbox in order to build and grow. We will act as your growth guide, not your growth guru. We help you grow with “Power and Grace”. Power is obtained by allowing us to strengthen your organization. Grace is provided through our leadership development programs which enable your professional organization to embrace and own the personal dignity and respect required for true leadership.


We Build to Your Specs
We do our work in a way that is meaningful to you. Our business analysis results are articulated in your language. Our process improvement efforts reflect the style and approach of your organization. Our Strategic Plans can be formatted and modified for your organizational preferences, priorities and performance styles. Our leadership development programs follow the strengths and weaknesses of your people. We help you identify the gaps that hold you back from the success you see. Our strategies and organizational change efforts are developed collaboratively with you to build and sustain growth. The Toolbox™ is yours to keep. We expect you to continue building and growing.


We Give the Power to Your People
When people come first, all else follows. Build your people and they will build your future. An organization full of individual leaders leads by example and by default.



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