Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace. Strong Point Strategy...move forward with strength and grace.
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Philosophy & Approach

Strong Point Strategy is committed to helping people and companies grow. Strong Point believes that growth comes from wellsprings of personal resources called upon from within coupled with a great deal of skill building acquired through as many means possible... without which professionals and corporations would lag behind the prosperous pack. The skills and abilities that are learned, and not part of the natural gifts bestowed upon an organization are those most difficult to master. Mastery, as any virtuoso would purport, comes with LOTS of practice. Defining effective strategies, executing effective plans and building and maintaining the operational effectiveness to carry out those strategies and plans is what Strong Point helps people and companies practice. We help our customers practice new skills, rusty skills and well exercised skills with strength and grace. We not only teach you what to do, but we believe strongly, that HOW you execute strategies, plans and operations create the defining value that sets you apart and helps you break away from the competition.

We help you practice individual and organizational excellence through what we call The Fundamentals of the Three I's:


Whether you are learning to blueprint and nationally scale your organization, or build more effective management teams and skills, launch a new product line, or achieve significant advances in sales force effectiveness or customer satisfaction, the method for mastery is the same:

"Do it with such repetition and mastery that the skill becomes both effortless and invisible."

Once customers feel totally supported without really understanding the mechanics of your service, or your sales force deepens market share without your competition taking notice then you know you've achieved mastery. Strong Point believes in skill building that is iterative. We give you the tools, teach you how to use them and help you build with those tools over and over until you become the building expert.




To learn anything and elevate that skill to mastery, you must understand the tools with which you create. You must work constantly with your tools. Get to know them. Use them with your ears and eyes, and mind. Touch your work, send it out, feel its response. Live your work in a way that your tools and skills become part of you and you become the leader of your field. This kind of skill building takes input and practice from all perspectives and requires the use of all senses. The Strong Point Strategy for learning and skill building involves an interactive and multi-dimensional approach. Strong Point will provide and polish the skills and the tools that you use in your everyday work and allow you to rise above and do more with what you have. We also have a lot of new tools that can be added to your Toolbox. We regularly help companies build a customized Executive Excellence Toolbox™ that contains the set of tools most used and effective for them. You are the expert we seek to strengthen. Expect Strong Point to use Video, Sound, Technology, People, Partners, Role Plays and you and your people at your strongest and weakest. We provide all manner and forms of educational reinforcements that allow you to learn with two goals in mind: Mastery and Leadership.



Individually Focused

In order for individuals and organizations to improve and grow, growth and skill building have to be focused on the individual and the organization. Each represents a unique set of strengths and weaknesses and so any effective improvement requires skill building that is customized for the user. Your build your organization in your way, with your people and their customized tools. We help you bring your unique values and strengths to the marketplace in the way that only you can provide. Strong Point employs plans, strategies, processes and tactics that use standards and best practices that are customized for individual and organizational mastery.


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